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Archive for April, 2010:

NAMA’s First Tranche Loans.

{ Posted on Apr 27 2010 by admin }
Categories : Business
Below is a table showing the details on the first batch of loans transferred to NAMA in April 2010. Further details can be found on the NAMA website here. Approximately 57.64% of these loans relate to the Republic of Ireland, 37.64% ...Read More »

Youghal House Prices.

{ Posted on Apr 12 2010 by admin }
Categories : Property
The pattern of Youghal property prices is broadly reflective of what is happening on a national level at the moment. Since 2006 when prices began to level off, property prices have been under sustained pressure due in main part to job ...Read More »

Mortgage rates to increase

{ Posted on Apr 07 2010 by admin }
Categories : Property
The recent announcement of a half per cent rate hike by BOI and AIB in their variable lending rate follows the shining example set by Permanent TSB some time ago. What is really infuriating about these rate hikes however ...Read More »

Welcome to Hydeproperty’s blog!

{ Posted on Apr 06 2010 by admin }
Categories : General
Youghal's first property blog dealing with Youghal property, news and current affairs. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the details contained within this blog are correct, readers should as always DYOR prior to any investment decision :-) Read More »