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Youghal Property price trends 2014

{ Posted on Feb 17 2015 by admin }
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The latest readings from the residential property price register* for 2014 are now available and help to construct a picture of the Youghal housing market since 2010.

The fall in Youghal property prices can clearly be traced from the publicly available register – the average property price in Youghal in 2010 for example was €152,000. This had fallen to €115,000 in 2012 and declined further to €90,000 in 2013, a 40% decline over the intervening three years.

2014 however, saw an increase in the average price to €94,000 or a 4.4% increase over the course of a year. 63% of properties listed were transacted at under €100,000 with just 10% listed above €150,000 during 2014 and just 6.5% above the €200,000 mark.

Significant also are the amount of transactions that have been taking place – In 2010 and 2011, there were just 42 and 39 respectively over the course of those years for the Youghal area whilst in 2014, this had increased to 108 properties over the course of a year – a relatively large 157% increase in transactions over the 2010 figure which reflected the property price crash.

Interesting also are the total values of properties listed in the Youghal area – 2010 saw €6.39 million listed as transacted on the property price register and this stayed relatively static over the next three years – €5.96 million in 2011, €6.2 million in 2012 and €5.7 million in 2013. 2014 however saw €10.1 million in property listed as transacted or a 58% increase over the 2010 figure, a reflection of the increased number of properties transacted albeit at a lower average price as indicated above.

Therefore, whilst the volume of properties transacted around Youghal during 2014 has been the highest since 2010 when the property price register records began, the average price is still 38% lower but with average property price growth of 4.4% recorded in the Youghal area during the course of 2014.

*Not all properties listed on the property price register may be open market sales

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