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Estate Agency Signs

{ Posted on Nov 05 2015 by admin }
Categories : Property

When it comes to selling property it’s important to generate attention. Let’s face it, without attention it’s impossible to sell a home! Attention is what brings buyers. Attention is what generates sales. Attention brings word of mouth. Every day we see homeowners let into spending hundreds of euro on advertising that doesn’t work, in mediums that don’t work. Methods that worked ten years ago don’t work today. Not every media is suitable for every type of house. Spending big bucks on any and all advertising is great for auctioneers – big logos, big names in print, plenty of attention for the agency but is that the point of paying to advertise your home?

With the advances in printing technology, it’s relatively easy to get a custom sign for a property made rather than the traditional standard auctioneer signs. Doesn’t it make sense that the For Sale board outside your property sells your home, generates attention and focus rather than just bland advertising for the auctioneer?

Here’s two signs we’ve recently erected, each custom made, each focusing on different aspects depending on what the primary message we want to get across about the property is.

Custom made sign for slow moving traffic showing hidden rear garden on map

Custom made sign for fast moving traffic showing home that is very private

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