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Youghal Average House Price Trend

{ Posted on Apr 10 2018 by admin }
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New Standards for Rental Property

{ Posted on Nov 02 2017 by admin }
Categories : General
New standards for rented accommodation have come into force since the 01st July,2017. This further updates the previous revision of 2009 and so Landlords should be aware of their obligations under these regulations. Known as the Housing Standards for ...Read More »

Upward trend for Youghal House Prices continues in 1st half of 2015

{ Posted on Aug 27 2015 by admin }
Categories : General
Latest analysis of the Property Price Register by Padraig Hyde & Sons Estate Agents show continuing increases in house prices for the Youghal area. Data available from the property price register for the first six months of 2015 show the average ...Read More »

Youghal Property price trends 2014

{ Posted on Feb 17 2015 by admin }
Categories : General
The latest readings from the residential property price register* for 2014 are now available and help to construct a picture of the Youghal housing market since 2010. The fall in Youghal property prices can clearly be traced from the publicly available ...Read More »

Youghal house price trends

{ Posted on Apr 30 2014 by admin }
Categories : General
Looking at the property price register for Youghal for the first quarter of 2014 shows a total of 16 properties listed as transacted between January and end March with a total listed value of €1,253,000 approximately. This equates to an ...Read More »

Reform of the property market

{ Posted on Jan 29 2014 by admin }
Categories : General
An interesting article in the Sunday Independent of 19th January commented on the reappearance of gazumping in the Dublin housing market, especially in on-demand areas. Gazumping is the practise whereby a Vendor accepts a higher offer from a bidder despite ...Read More »

Property Market Recovery?

{ Posted on Sep 30 2013 by admin }
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There has been much written lately of a recovery in the housing market with price rises evident in Dublin and signs of price stabilisation appearing elsewhere in the country. For example, the latest CSO statistics on the housing market show national ...Read More »

Summer in Youghal

{ Posted on Jul 31 2013 by admin }
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Drenched in sunshine and with thousands of visitors to the town and  its beaches, Youghal has been a hive of activity since the good weather arrived. Flip flops and sunglasses are conspicuous in quantities rarely seen before in this country ...Read More »

The PPR and the Property Tax

{ Posted on May 06 2013 by admin }
Categories : General
Whilst the property price register is a useful tool for those attempting to accurately value their own homes, its limitations need to be understood also. In existence over three years now, the register simply provides a date, address and transaction ...Read More »

10 things that are wrong with the property tax

{ Posted on Jan 22 2013 by admin }
Categories : General
1. Its levied on the value of the house - If affluent people decide to pay more for properties in your area, then congratulations! - your property tax bill will increase as a result. 2. It takes little account of income ...Read More »