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Summer in Youghal

{ Posted on Jul 31 2013 }
Categories : General
Drenched in sunshine and with thousands of visitors to the town and ┬áits beaches, Youghal has been a hive of activity since the good weather arrived. Flip flops and sunglasses are conspicuous in quantities rarely seen before in this country ...Read More »

The PPR and the Property Tax

{ Posted on May 06 2013 }
Categories : General
Whilst the property price register is a useful tool for those attempting to accurately value their own homes, its limitations need to be understood also. In existence over three years now, the register simply provides a date, address and transaction ...Read More »

10 things that are wrong with the property tax

{ Posted on Jan 22 2013 }
Categories : General
1. Its levied on the value of the house - If affluent people decide to pay more for properties in your area, then congratulations! - your property tax bill will increase as a result. 2. It takes little account of income ...Read More »

Residential & commercial property markets to see increase in data available

{ Posted on Nov 21 2012 }
Categories : General
The new property price register is a welcome addition to the data available on Ireland's property market. Whilst some will find the publication of house prices disagreeable, for most the data will help provide a useful guide to residential prices ...Read More »

What’s in a name?

{ Posted on Sep 11 2012 }
Categories : General
Ireland's capital Dublin has many namesakes around the world with at least twelve in North America alone whilst other Dublins can be found in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The capital city is not alone in this regard - many Irish ...Read More »

Cork’s new architecture

{ Posted on Jul 16 2012 }
Categories : Property
Cork City has attracted much international press in recent times and much of it favourable and complimentary. It hosted the European Capital of Culture in 2005, was ranked in the top ten cities to visit in 2010 by the Lonely ...Read More »

Sixth Emer Casey Road Race and Walk 2012

{ Posted on May 21 2012 }
Categories : General
What began as a cloudy morning drastically brightened up in time for the Sixth Emer Casey road race and walk in Youghal with sunshine drenching participants, spectators and volunteers alike throughout the race. A huge number of runners entered ...Read More »

Population increases since 2006

{ Posted on May 01 2012 }
Categories : General
Some more statistics from the recent 2011 census have been released by the CSO. Primarily concerned with population figures, the results show an increase in population for the Youghal area, both urban and rural. For the urban area of Youghal town itself, ...Read More »

Common problems with comparative valuations

{ Posted on Apr 25 2012 }
Categories : Property
Valuing a property is no easy task. Not alone are there many methods for valuing a property but there can be a large amount of variables to take into account also. Normally, in the residential market, a comparative value is what ...Read More »

Household Charge a Shambles

{ Posted on Mar 27 2012 }
Categories : Property
Considering the controversy associated with property taxes in Ireland, it's unsurprising the furore that has erupted over the household charge. But what is surprising is the blundering way the government has handled the issue, resorting to threats to force compliance with ...Read More »