Preparing your Property for Sale
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Preparing your Property for Sale

When preparing your property for sale, there are a number of simple rules to follow. The aim is to maximise the appeal of your property to potential purchasers and avoid the common pitfalls which turn them off. Most of these are relatively straightforward, yet it is surprisingly the number of people who do not make an effort to maximise their chances of success. Here are a number of very simple Do's and Don'ts.


A). Do try and have the place tidy!
B). Switch on the heating to have a homely feel to your property when the client arrives. This is always better than a cold home! For added effect leave on lamps and lighting to brighten up your home, especially in winter. 
C). The outside and approach to a home are just as important as the interior. If necessary, trim the hedges and cut the grass. Any broken paving, overgrown borders or even litter should be fixed and tidied away before a viewer arrives. Power wash or paint the exterioir if necessary. If it is dark, turn on the outside lamps. 
D). If your home is for sale through an auctioneer, they should ring you first prior to any viewings. For your own safety, do not leave any unaccompanied people in, no matter how much they protest that they had it organised with the auctioneer beforehand. 
E). Do lock any valuables away. 
F). De-clutter the property to give it a more spacious feeling. Paint walls a neutral and bright colour. Clean any carpets, curtains and windows. Have the kitchen and bathrooms spotless! 


A). Don't leave dogs or pets loose around the house, either inside or out. Some people are terrified of dogs and others may have allergies.
B). With regards to redecorating your house, the general rule is not to spend too much time or money on doing a complete refurbishment of the house. This is because what you like, others may not. Pick a realistic budget that will be recuperated from the resulting sale of your house and spend it on the areas that are most in need of attention. Usually (though not always!) these are the 'heavy use' areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. 
C). If your property is run down or derelict, then the best course of action is to ensure that the entrance to the property is clean & unobstructed(i.e. the purchaser does not have to bring a shovel and a saw to gain entrance to the property!), that the interior of the house is made safe and that the purchaser can move around the house freely. Mark any loose floorboards, dangerous stairs, etc. CLEARLY! 


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