Third Party involvement in Property
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Third Party involvement in Property

 Buying and selling property is usually not confined to the purchaser and seller. In most cases, third party actors are also involved such as solicitors or lawyers, engineers, surveyors, architects or mortgage brokers and it is important to establish a good working relationship with the people you are employing. Dealing with third parties should be a relatively straightforward process most of the time. Sometimes, however this is not so and it is important to deal with it early on rather than later.




Both solicitors and engineers should be able to explain problems in clear and concise terms to you and you should not have to wait a month for a simple appointment. For solicitors and auctioneers, any client funds they possess should be lodged in a special client account with receipts issued forthwith. Once you have requested your funds, any deposits, monies owed or refunds should be forwarded to you in as prompt a manner as possible.

When dealing with third parties, do not be afraid to ask questions. If you do not understand something, ask them to explain it. If you still do not understand, ask them to explain it again! 

Regarding Auctioneers, there has been much bad press in recent years about the profession. If you are doubtful about the existence of an offer or a bidder, ask the auctioneer for confirmation of the bid in writing. There is also a new code of conduct established by the National Property Services Regulatory Authority which is voluntary at the minute. Ensure your Auctioneer is a signatory to this code of practise, prior to giving them your business. Once the National Property Services Regulatory Authority is properly established on a statutory basis by the government, it is expected that this code of conduct will be mandatory. You can find a list of signatories to the new code of conduct at their website, 

If you are having difficulty contacting a third party you have employed or find you are unsatisfied with the level of service you are receiving, do not be afraid to say so. At the end of the day, it will be you who is presented with the bill and any difficulties in communication or expertise should be raised before the issuing of the bill rather than after. Whilst not every person you employ will have the time to answer 30 separate phone calls from you every day, a two minute update when you ring at the end of the week should easily be available. If there is a genuine problem or delay, a third party will usually revert to you first to seek your instructions or offer an explanation.


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