BER Certificates
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BER Certificates

Since January 01st, 2009, all property for sale or rent is required to have a BER cert for the property. A BER cert measures the energy efficiency of the property, rating it according to a colour coded chart with ratings from A to G, much like you would find an energy appliance such as a fridge or freezer energy rated.

BER certs are completed by qualified assessors who will visit the property and carry out a number of evaluations before issuing the cert. A list of these can be found in your local phone book or here at the Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) website - The cert itself is valid for a period of ten years unless you carry out renovations in the meantime. Therefore, for subsequent lettings or sales where material changes to the property have not occurred, the same BER cert can be used. 

Like auctioneers, solicitors and engineers, costs charged by assessors vary so ring for a quote before hiring one. 

A sample cert is show below.

 Example BER cert

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