We offer security checks on property for both single dwellings, commercial and multi-unit portfolios. We can schedule monthly, weekly and daily checks that involve a complete walk-through of your property, removing mail and signs of absence. We undertake security checks at irregular intervals to deter thieves and avoid set routines. Both short term (e.g. while you are on holiday) and long term enquiries are welcome.

Below are some of the items we undertake on security checks. These can be tailored to suit your requirements.

  • Lights can be turned on and off between visits in different rooms to avoid give-away clues that a property is empty
  • Mail is removed from the letterbox and hallway area.
  • All windows and doors, including those above / below ground floor level are checked for signs of disturbance.
  • Alarms are set and reset
  • Phones can be checked to ensure mail boxes are not full
  • Plants can be watered and cared for appropriately.
  • Call out service to deal with alarms and disturbances.
  • Regular updates on security checks emailed direct to you
  • CCTV checks
  • Building access service