Tynte's Castle, Youghal
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Tynte's Castle, Youghal

Tynte's Castle, Youghal, Co. Cork Tynte's castle stands towards the end of North Main Street on the right hand side, across from the Almshouses. First constructed in the fifteenth century by the Walsh family, it was originally used as a storehouse.





 Tynte's Castle, Youghal

The Walsh family, having sided with the Earl of Desmond's rebellion against the English in the 1570's and 80's forfeited their property in 1584 to the English Crown upon defeat and it was as a result leased by Youghal Council to Robert Tynte indefinitely. 

Robert Tynte was part of the larger plantation of Munster which aimed to assert English control inthe province after the rebellion and he fortified the store to use as a base for his operations.Tynte's castle is an anolomy in Ireland since it is unusual to have a fortified building inside the town walls. The castle remained in the Tynte family until around 1866 when it was sold to a William Fitzmaurice.

Sir Robert Tynte's wife was also a cousin of the First Earl of Cork, Sir Robert Boyle. She had previously been married to the poet Edmund Spencer, author of The Faerie Queen, a famous Elizabethan poem which reputedly had it's first stanzas composed at Myrtle Grove in Youghal.

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