The Watergate
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The Watergate

The Watergate, situated on the South Main St side of the Clock Gate, was originally part of the town walls. Dating from the thirteenth century, it allowed access to the docks and sailing ships through the town walls. It is more popularly known locally as 'Cromwell's Arch' as it is through this archway that Cromwell left Ireland in 1650.

Cromwells Arch, Youghal
Most of the present Quays actually date from the 18th century. In 1716, Gregory Salter leased from the Town Coucil land along the waterfront on the provision that he build quays. Stone from the Quarry Road (hence the road's name) was brought to the quays for their construction. In 1737 another quay was built due to the continued growth in naval traffic, called Mannix Quay.

The local quarry at Quarry Road has helped provide Youghal with much needed material for construction. From 1700 it was a working quarry rather than the piecemeal approach utilised before. As well as providing stone for the construction of the Quays, in the 1800's it also provided material for land reclamation projects such as the Slob bank which runs parralell from the Quays northwards along the banks of the Blackwater River. The Slob Bank also allows a great walk above the shoreline of the Blackwater for those interested in observing all types of wildlife, flora & fauna.

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